Jan 24, 2013


           Lady’s Finger is also called as Bhindi in Hindi ,Vendakkai in Tamil , Bendakai in Telugu and Okra in US.I never thought about it, but I was getting confused when I started writing this blog. When I did a Google on it, I found many answers. Some of them saying Lady’s fingers, some said Ladies fingers and some said it is Ladies’ fingers. Whatever is the spelling or pronunciation in English is but I like this curry J . So coming to the recipe,


Onion – 1
Tomato – 2
Lady’s finger or Bindi – 150gms (12 to 15 in count)
Mint – half a bunch finely chopped
Coconut – 1tsp
Curd or yogurt – 1 tsp
Red chilli powder - 1 tsp

 Method :

Wash the ladies finger long before. Dry them and keep it ready.

Sauté Onions in a pan.

Add tomatoes to this.

Now add finely chopped mint leaves to get a nice aroma of mint.

Add the chopped lady’s finger. Add 1 tsp of yogurt.

It will get cooked soon within 5 mins. Keep stirring and take care that the bindi does not get mushier.

Add salt and coconut and red chilli powder.

Fry it for 2 more mins and Serve it hot with sambar or any gravy.

This curry and curd rice is also a great combination.

Notes :

 Ladies finger will be sticky in the beginning, but it will lose that property as it gets cooked. Adding curd and tomato helps them to lose its sticky nature.

Also you can add tamarind juice if you don’t like to add curd or tomato. This gives a tangy taste and is yummy :)

I did not have mint today, but adding it gives a great taste to the dish.