Jan 9, 2013


Hello friends!! This is my first blog which I have been thinking from a very long time and finally got to implement it now.
Traditionally I wanted to start the cooking with a sweet. So I came up with this dish. This is a common dish from Kerala which I learnt from my mother. It is a very simple dish and can be made in a jiffy. My mom used to make it very often and we used to fight as we did not like to share it with others.. J

Here is the recipe,

Ingredients :

1 cup Green Moong Dal or White Moong dal
¾ cup jiggery
A pinch of cardamom powder

Method :

Soak Moong dal for 3-4 hrs and pressure cook it. Drain the water and keep it aside.

Meanwhile slice jaggery into pieces and add ½ cup of water until all the jaggery is dissolved.This makes jaggery syrup.

Add a pinch of cardamom powder to this.

Add cooked moong dal to this jaggery syrup.

Switch off the stove as it gets thickened.

Serve it hot or cold.

My Notes :
After cooking moong dal be careful to drain all the water because if water is leftover it would take a very long time to cook along with the jaggery syrup.